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Communication Tools

If you're seeking counseling to learn how to better communicate with your partner or someone else in your life -- you're not alone. This is one of the most common reasons why people contact me.

Examples of Communication Tools

Perhaps there's a key player in your life who says and does things that really throw you off, and cause you to not be your best self. You don't feel good about the way you handle those situations, and are wondering how you can better navigate them.

Or maybe you're not quite sure how to give feedback that doesn't sound critical, or how to avoid coming across as defensive, or how to step away from a conflict without upsetting the other person even more.

Or you may have trouble expressing your needs and preferences, or saying 'no' to things in a gentle but firm manner, and, as a result, you tend to feel resentful of others.

Or your partner may be asking you to empathize with them more, but you may not have a clear sense of how to do that or why empathy is so important to them.

Benefits of Communication Tools

If you resonate with any of the above scenarios, I can teach you these invaluable communication tools so that you can have happier relationships, get your needs met more, and be well-equipped with a toolkit for handling all sorts of sticky situations involving other people.

My work with clients is tailored to their unique needs and circumstances, so we'll talk about the challenges you're dealing with and what changes you can make to help things move in a positive direction. 

Communication skills are not usually something we were taught in school, but, fortunately, it's not too late to strengthen these skills and start applying them more consistently in your daily life.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your situation and the communication tools you'd like to work on in counseling.