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Marriage Counseling

You love your partner, but the two of you often don't get along. You feel disappointed because your needs aren't getting sufficiently met. Perhaps you feel like your partner isn't listening, or isn't capable of understanding you.

Chances are you both want to recapture the loving relationship you've had in the past. Yet neither of you know precisely how to proceed.

When that happens, marriage counseling can be extremely helpful. Working with a counselor means gaining new perspectives and skills that can help you identify and overcome the issues that are causing strife.

When Should You Seek Marriage Counseling?

You can seek marriage counseling at any point that you feel unhappy with the relationship. For instance, you and your partner may be having trouble communicating, or may be growing apart. Some couples also seek marriage counseling because they've experienced a challenging life event that causes tension between them.

If there has been infidelity in your relationship, counseling may help you and your partner rebuild trust and get back on track.

If you're thinking about divorce, or are dissatisfied with your sex life, these are also very valid reasons to seek counseling.

If you and your mate have started to grow apart, it could be because the realities of life make it difficult for the two of you to find quality time together or even common ground. Counseling can help you find a new path forward that allows you to strengthen the bond between you.

How Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Marriage counseling is about having productive conversations, and having an objective third party help you sort through your most pressing problems. As your counselor, I can also point solutions that neither of you may be seeing since you're so close to the situation.

Marriage counseling is also about learning the skills you and your partner need to communicate in a productive way. As you learn these skills together and practice them in-session, you build the foundation for a happier home life.

Can Marriage Counseling Save a Marriage?

In some cases it absolutely can. In others it can help both partners get clarity about whether continuing the relationship is good for them. The right answer is different for each marriage.

In order for counseling to save a marriage, both partners must be committed to the process. Fixing your marriage will take a lot of work, and both parties have to be open to making some positive changes in themselves.

And in some cases, it may be advisable for one or both partners to tackle individual issues before they begin couples counseling.

If you're thinking of getting started, you're welcome to contact me to arrange a 15-minute phone consultation at no charge to discuss why you're seeking counseling.