Serving Walnut Creek, Oakland, Concord, Lafayette, Alamo, Pleasant Hill, Orinda,

Martinez, Danville, Moraga, Lamorinda, Clayton, the East Bay, and all of Contra Costa County.


Counseling for Issues Related to Coronavirus

Through phone and video conference counseling, I've had the opportunity to assist clients with myriad challenges they've been experiencing as a result of the pandemic, or in addition to it. For instance, I've been:

    • Demonstrating effective techniques to help clients manage their anxiety and depression regarding the current global crisis
    • Providing a sense of connection for clients who live alone, and discussing what's on their minds
    • Guiding clients in ways to reduce tension between their kids, and between parents and kids
    • Working with couples via video conference to improve the quality of their relationship, and to help them "get on the same page" regarding various aspects of their lives that are affected by the pandemic
    • Modeling ways to avoid getting irritable and angry at others
    • Teaching clients easy strategies for increasing their work productivity, and helping them to free themselves from guilt if they're less motivated than usual regarding their work
    • Supporting clients in identifying small, doable steps they can take to reduce their emotional eating and increase their exercise


  • Assisting clients with problems that were present in their lives before COVID-19 appeared on the scene, such as being in the process of a painful, drawn-out divorce, grieving the ending of a relationship, or trying to decide whether to remain in a relationship or not

If you resonate with any of these difficulties or have other issues you'd like to address, I'd be happy to help.