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Due to COVID-19, I have temporarily transitioned to phone and video conference

counseling in the interest of everyone's safety, and client feedback

regarding our virtual sessions has been very positive.

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Phone & Video Conference Counseling

It's important to me that you feel just as well-served by our phone or video conference counseling sessions as you would by meeting in-person. During virtual sessions, you'll find that I meet you where you are in your life, and am interactive, supportive, and solution-focused, just as I would be in-office. 

One of the obvious benefits of counseling via phone or video conference is that you don't need to allow travel time. So I plan to offer phone and video conference counseling on an on-going basis after I resume in-person appointments, and, that way, you can decide which option is best for you.

Clients often say that they'd like to give phone or video conference counseling a try, and then remark at the end of our first virtual session that they found it very helpful. If you're considering phone or video conference counseling, feel free to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation at no charge to discuss why you're seeking counseling and how I can help in that situation.

What Specific Challenges Can I Help with?

Our virtual ("online") therapy sessions can take the form of individual counseling or couples counseling, in which we work on challenges related to:


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